About Us

We are a brand new startup that's an online consignment store that sells anything you can think of, for you. It can be so hard and confusing to sell online nowadays. Just to deal with all the sales and messages alone can be a job in itself. With so many ways and so many marketplaces to sell your product, you don't even know where to start. Consign It Away was created to make it easier for everyone to sell their products. We have figured out a way to sell your stuff not only on our website but on multiple different marketplaces for you, with one click of a button. Also, we handle the sale of your product including all messages from purchasers, and have scheduled pick up from your house and delivery to the purchaser for you, even if we sell it on any other marketplace Ex. (Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, and Etsy) We have the purchaser pay for shipping and we will make the sales happen. We just ask that you fulfill your orders! Just Consign It Away!

Currently, you can only shop on Consign It or come to our brick and mortar to consign, located at 1528 South Glenstone Ave. Springfield Mo. 65804. For right now you can bring anything you’d like to sell to our store then we would take professional pictures behind a green screen of all your products and then post them on multiple marketplaces. Your product will be exclusively on Consign It for seven days before being posted on multiple marketplaces. This really is the new and best way to shop or sell for anything you want.

Our startup is in development to release the first version of our website in November of 2020 and our mobile app in April 2021. You will be able to go and consign and shop at on our new website very soon.